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About Us

About Us

Located in Brampton Ontario, VapeMeet has been operating since July 2013. We started as a community forum and broadcast network to establish, grow and serve the Canadian vaping community through social networking. In late 2013, we teamed up with FunkyVapes, founding VapeMeet Inc. and we've never stopped growing and developing. VapeMeet's headquarters are located in our flagship retail location at 239 Queen Street East in Brampton, Ontario. Our shop features a full retail outlet, fully-stocked public rebuilding station, complimentary refreshments and a state of the art laboratory and automated production centre.  

What we offer our clients

VapeMeet Inc. offers wholesale opportunities to carry Canada's premier juice lines for sale to persons aged 19+ only. We own, develop and produce "FunkSauce", "Toronto Juice Co.", "Captain Oliver's Custards & Puddings", “#IAM”, “Johnny Tropics”, “Fresh”, “Rave”, "Dandies", "Dolce", "Forbidden", "French Press", "Ghosted", "Salt Shaker", "Salted.", "Chill St." and "That Tobacco". Together, these brands represent a significant market share in premium Canadian eLiquid. Our products are well-known throughout Canada and the world over, so you can be assured that our reputation precedes our unmatched quality.


Quality Assurance

Every batch of our e-Liquid is blended by hand, using precision instruments in a revolutionary ISO9001:2015 and ISO:7 certified laboratory. Once mixed, our products are processed through an automated bottling, capping and labeling line to ensure consistency, precision and purity. Our eLiquids are made using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients - USP, Kosher and Halal certified. Pharmaceutical grade nicotine is professionally diluted to ensure purity to .01% so you receive the exact strength as advertised. All flavourings are water-soluble, and we use a variety of flavourings ranging from natural, artificial and organic to produce our famous flavours, while maximizing VG content, for the smoothest vape possible.


Our products are produced with the utmost care and consistency. Our brand is a reflection of our efforts to ensure that our clients and customers get the same quality product and service, consistently throughout our relationship. We label and date our products accurately by the batch and recommend that they are used within a year of their manufactured date to ensure the maintain their quality. The period of one year is an industry-standard, estimated for careful storage with regards to temperature, humidity and lighting conditions. Any concerns about the quality of a VapeMeet Inc. product or standards for inventory storage should be directed to VapeMeet Inc. without delay.


How we'll grow your business

Our eLiquids are famous. Voted #1 Vape Shop in Ontario in 2014 and 2015 (the contest was then discontinued), our brand and reputation are sterling. By offering our products in your retail location, you show your customers that you are committed to quality and support Canadian corporations. With our innovative online network and instant brand recognition, we've created brands that literally sell themselves. Your customers are probably already vaping our e-Liquid, or at the very least will be excited to try them. VapeMeet offers a wide range of delicious, innovative and fun flavours to compliment any tasting bar, and you'll quickly notice them outsell other brands at a price point that fits any business model. We offer the lowest price points – both for the new and small shops, and the very large - and allow for total MSRP control on your end. Unlike other companies, VapeMeet only controls minimum pricing, to ensure that our clients don't have to undercut each other to offer premium products. The selling price is up to you, as every community is different, and every budget dynamic.


It's time to try the brands that everyone's talking about, and if you love great e-Liquid, you'll have to try these for yourself. Thanks for taking the next step to step up your vape shop game, we look forward to hearing from you soon!


The VapeMeet Team