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Terms and Conditions - Wholesale Agreement

This document - and the information, terms and conditions herein - is intended for wholesale clients of VapeMeet Inc. and shall not be shared with other parties under any circumstance. VapeMeet Inc. reserves the right to modify, abridge, add to or remove any of these terms, in part or in their entirety without notice. By submitting this application you agree to its terms, conditions and the responsibilities they entail. Furthermore, these terms and conditions are updated often and subject to change, by placing an order you also acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to these terms and conditions as written at that time. Please review these terms for updates before placing each order. 

Captain Oliver's Custards and Puddings, Chill St, Dandies, Dolce, French Press, Forbidden, Fresh, FunkSauce, Ghosted, Johnny Tropics, Rave, Salt Shaker, Salted., That Tobacco, Toronto Juice Co. are registered trademarks of VapeMeet Inc. The images, logos and descriptions of these products may be used for promotional purposes by the signing vendor after the application has been approved, and only within the specified term (dates) – beginning with the shipment of the first product, and ending at the end of term, or termination of this agreement. These trademarks, whether as images, logos or descriptions, may not be modified, abridged or expanded without the written consent of VapeMeet Inc. Use of these trademarks outside of direct promotional use for the vendor (i.e. sponsoring events, vape meets) is prohibited without the written consent of VapeMeet Inc.

Authorized Resale
Wholesale clients are authorized to sell VapeMeet Inc. products at the location(s) specified in their application only. Sale of VapeMeet Inc. products may only be made to persons aged 19+ regardless of Municipal, Provincial or Federal regulations that may allow the sale to persons younger. 

Wholesale eLiquid (or Juice) products from VapeMeet Inc. come pre-packaged as measured, filled, labeled and capped bottles and are to be sold exactly as they are received. The labels, bottles and their contents are not to be modified or repurposed for any reason, excepting any additional terms included at the end of this document. Products may not be re-packaged or split into smaller packages for any reason (this includes samples). Defective or damaged packaging must be reported within 24 hours after receiving the product and pending investigation may be replaced by VapeMeet Inc. at no cost to the vendor. Any modification to the packaging and presentation of the product for regional language or legal reasons must be approved by VapeMeet Inc. and specified in this document’s additional terms.

Resale and MSRP
Products purchased through this agreement are provided for the vendor’s resale at the specified location, but may also be sold online. Vendors are not permitted to sell VapeMeet Inc. products in a physical location outside of those specified in this document. Excess products may not be resold to, or shared with other locations or vendors unless specified in this document’s additional terms. The vendor agrees to sell products at no less than $17.99 CDN. This pricing includes promotions and sales, but does not limit free giveaways or replacement products. For instance, even during a vendor’s store-wide sale, the discounted price of any VapeMeet Inc. eLiquid product may not total less than $17.99 CDN before taxes. However, should a vendor decide to sponsor an event, offer a prize, or replace a customer’s defective product, VapeMeet Inc. eLiquid may be given away free of charge, at the cost of the Vendor. This pricing applies to international currency and must be adjusted using a reputable international currency conversion. Terms for international resale and currency exchange shall be specifically defined in this document’s additional terms.

Please note, for international orders, that your country's import/export laws apply and you are agreeing to any risks in international shipping. Once your VapeMeet order reaches your country's border, the import outcome is out of our hands. Please familiarize yourself with your specific laws and regulations and understand that by placing an order you agree to accept any responsibility for seized orders.

Quality Assurance
Our products are produced with the utmost care and consistency. Our brand is a reflection of our efforts to ensure that our clients and customers get the same quality product and service, consistently throughout our relationship. We label and date our products accurately by the batch and recommend that they are used within a year of their manufactured date to ensure the maintain their quality. Products that have reached the day of 1 year after their manufacturing date are considered expired and will not be supported by VapeMeet Inc. We recommend disposing of these products in an environmentally-friendly manner. The period of one year is an industry-standard, estimated for careful storage with regards to temperature, humidity and lighting conditions. Any concerns about the quality of a VapeMeet Inc. product or standards for inventory storage should be directed to VapeMeet Inc. without delay.

Production Times
Our products are produced in an automated laboratory and in most cases are not made to order. Provided we have ample stock on hand, your order will usually be ready to be picked up or shipped within 24 hours of receiving your payment. Should your order be exceptionally large, or in the event that we are experiencing higher than usual order volumes (typically around holidays, or immediately after) please expect up to 72 hours turnaround time after we receive your payment. To secure your position in these queues, please send payment as soon as possible, as priority is not determined by time of your order, but rather our receipt of your payment. 

Shipping Policy
Your order will be shipped via Canpar to the address specified on your wholesale account at the time of purchase. Orders cannot be shipped to an alternate address for security reasons. Shipping within Canada is based on a tiered, flat-rate system, orders totalling:

  • $0-$150.00 (CDN, before taxes) will be shipped for $15.00 CDN
  • $150.00-$300.00 (CDN, before taxes) will ship for $20.00 CDN
  • $300.00-$500.00 (CDN, before taxes) will ship for $25.00 CDN
  • $500.00 or more (CDN, before taxes) will ship for FREE (Canada only)

The shipping method must be chosen and paid for at the time of purchase. Orders that do not reflect the appropriate shipping bracket may be canceled or edited to reflect the proper amount. Orders outside of Canada will be subject to exact shipping rates from Canpar (or a more convenient courier) and quoted to the client before invoicing. 

Exclusivity Specifics
VapeMeet Inc. does not provide any formal exclusivity radius' or guarantee that our products will not be sold in a specific area. VapeMeet Inc. reserves the right to alter these terms without prior notice, but will contact affected shops after doing so. If you feel as though you should have an exclusivity range in your area, or that VapeMeet Inc. should not provide products or services to a particular location within your region, please let us know - we always appreciate feedback and suggestions and feel as though vendors know their areas the best. 

Consent to Recall
In the event that your agreement between VapeMeet Inc. is ended due in whole or in part to a violation of these Wholesale Agreement Terms you hereby consent to participate in a recall of your remaining VapeMeet Inc. products. You shall cease all sales and advertisements of VapeMeet Inc. products and return all remaining units immediately, in person or via registered mail. You shall not be reimbursed for these products and they will be disposed of in a responsible manner by VapeMeet Inc. upon their return. This recall policy is in place to ensure the integrity of our products, as in these circumstances you will no longer be licensed to carry them. 

By continuing with the application process, and/or placing an order from this web page, you agree to these terms and conditions, specifically: You may not, under any circumstances, sell a VapeMeet Inc. product for less than the MSRP, even during a sale, without the prior permission of VapeMeet Inc. You may not sell a VapeMeet Inc. product outside of the location/locations specified in your account profile - should you open a new location, visit a trade show, or sell via a satellite location, you must have prior approval from VapeMeet Inc. You may not sell VapeMeet Inc. products in conjunction with any herbal, solid, wax or marijuana vaporizers or tobacco products, either online or in a shop. You may not re-brand, re-label, add to, abridge or otherwise delineate a VapeMeet Inc. product, trademark or description without prior approval by VapeMeet Inc. Violation of any of these terms will result in the termination of your agreement with VapeMeet Inc. at which time we will take all public and legal actions deemed necessary.