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Thank you for your interest in our brands! Below you'll find a registration form that also acts as an application. Before filling it out, we ask you to read our about us section, and the section below, which highlights a few of our limitations...

  • VapeMeet Inc. strives to preserve its pristine reputation in the vaping community, and in doing so we've decided to only offer our products to clients striving to do the same. This means that if your company sells, or is affiliated with marijuana or dry herb vaporizing products we will not be able to work together. Though we make no judgments regarding lifestyle choices, we recognize that our industry has its own hurdles ahead of us, and in the interest of pushing forward without being leveraged and lumped with other products, we feel that the struggle for vaping rights and other recreational rights should remain separate for the benefit of both parties.
  • We're a successful corporation, and we want to help make you successful as well! Unlike other companies we do not demand any pricing caps for our eLiquids. We recognize that every province, city and community has their own financial dynamics, such as rent, utilities and average wages. You're free to sell our products for as much as you'd like, while maintaining a fair and competitive presence in your community, but for the sake of our other hard-working clients we demand that the price of our eLiquids never falls below $17.99 Canadian, even during a sale. This minimum pricing policy allows your business to adjust to the demands of your community, and ensures that our clients are not stuck in a position that demands undercutting and competing with each other.
  • Because we work so hard to be the best company in the country, we ask that you do your part! We understand that not every vape shop can have all the bells and whistles, but we know our products deserve a quality environment to shine in. We'll look into your company, just to make sure your reputation in the community is consistent with ours, and we place a particular emphasis on shop cleanliness, selection, customer service and a vast knowledge of the industry. 

Congratulations on taking the next step in refining your business through a partnership with Canada's Premier eLiquid and accessory distributors!

If it sounds like you'd fit in with us, we'd love to hear from you.

Once your application is reviewed and approved, your account information will be emailed to you.